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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Moving to Miami

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From the article: Relocating to Miami
Considering moving to Miami? In this article, local residents share their advice on moving to our fair city. It's the advice they wish they had before showing up in South Florida! Share Your Advice

Miami a great place

Miami is a great place.I moved to Miami from Michigan where crime is an everyday thing (Detroit ,Flint) Culturally very cosmopolitan.Traffic is bad but again if you have lived in LA , New York or Chicago is about the same.A growing city at an incredible pace.Spanish /English ;well have you been in LA,NM ,Texas or Arizona ? that is Mexico not the US what I have seen in Miami is that many people speaks more than one language fluently been myself a French speaker I have met many French Canadians,Creole and I like it.
—Guest Alfam

Born and Raised Best City

Look don`t go judging other people countries because I was born in Miami(Plus there was a Miami Heat Basketball stadium.Loved it!)!Anyways come to Miami, SPEAK NEW LANGUAGES,VISIT NEW PEOPLE AROUND YOU.I mean I want to go to Japan because of the technology and I can`t speak their language but still I want to go.So PLEASE come.
—Guest Jason

Miami Beach

Now I've traveled the World and it would be very hard to beat the beach,If You happen to have Money,enjoy it! .Please no Liberals
—Guest BILL


I just moved here two months ago. I have only been to this corner of the country once, in high school, in Orlando, for 5 days with a science class field trip. I lined up a job and bought a one way ticket, from Seattle (which is home). I stay on a boat in Coconut Grove. I work on that boat as well. Never have I been berated for not knowing much Spanish (again, took Spanish in high school, never spoke it otherwise). Even in a restaurant where they speak as much English as I speak Spanish. We tried to communicate and I had some great food. People are nice, lots if transients and foreigners. Lots if places to eat and drink and party or chill. Hear doesn't bother me, I spent a couple years in south Texas. I like Miami, it has so much to offer. Every city has their bad areas, and if you just sit in that area then it would not be a good experience. Venture out, go exploring. Be aware, have an open mind and find what you like. I love it here so far! Eager to learn and enjoy!
—Guest CaptAdam

god awful place

I'm from the Midwest and this is the worst place I've ever been hands down.
—Guest Roger

miami isn't all of sofla.

sofla native. born and raised in broward county. i suggest moving to broward county around ft. lauderdale/hollywood. its nicer, cleaner, plenty of culture, most places are safer, and you can be in miami in under an hour after the work day rushes. i would never LIVE in miami. i'd live NEARBY. own a car for sure. if you're not bilingual don't live in dade county. chances are if you're looking to move to miami, you'll be happier living outside of it with the option of going whenever you please. a lot of assholes and aggressive drivers so be prepared. compared to other places i've visited the locals here are less friendly and "loving" but substantially less snobby and elitist, save for the SOBE plastic mongrels. i love south florida. its the jungle
—Guest SBG

Raised in Miam, Lived in NYC, Moved Back

It all depends. Miami Dade County is like a salad with many ingredients. Where is your husband's company? What sort of neighborhood do you like? The city of Miami proper is changing in a good way. More technology, great restaurants, and the arts -- a community that's international & concerned about green space. There are many neighborhoods with unique characteristics in the County. The Primary Learning Center is a great public school. You have 3 kids. Schools have to be important to you. Miami traffic is miserable. Avoiding commutes is important. I'd rent where you can find the best schools & shortest commutes. A lot of Spanish is spoken here. If you like that sort of diversity, come. Coral Gables (mentioned in comments above) is a beautiful neighborhood. One of Miami's most exclusive though, which means expensive. Miami Shores, Belle Meade, Biscayne Park, Palmetto Bay, Doral, Aventura, even Hollywood in Broward County are all cool.
—Guest Karen

Moving to Miami.

We are from NYC and we are planning to move to Miami but I'm not sure what to do. My husband saw a company the one needs someone like my husband, he sent the application and a week later they called him. They are offering a wonderful salary but now we are so confused because we like Miami but we love the city. Also we have 3 kids and private school here in NYC are more expensive every day. We are in a 3 rooms apartment and we are paying $7,000 a month. We want our kids have more space and play like a normal child and we were thinking about Miami but I'm not sure if we are doing the right thing. We want the best for our family. If you know Miami very well please I need your opinion. Thank you.
—Guest Kathy

Miami is a Bad Choice!

I was born and raises in Miami. I started to notice how ridiculous Miami truly was when I applied for my first job at a Winn-Dixie. My orientation was in Spanish....only in Spanish! If I wanted an English orientation I would've had to drive to Hollywood! That was the beginning of my hatred towards what Miami has become. I moved to NC for 6 months and when I moved back (solely for school and my husband) I truly noticed how disgusting Miami has become. There are at least double the ccp sirens in relatively decent (not shady at all) areas. The traffic, cost of living, and overall atmosphere is despicable. I personally prefer to speak English and I know Spanish, but 90% of the places you go to now are mainly Spanish speaking. People are rude and untrustworthy. I know I am being general, but it is the truth. Compared to other states, just go anywhere else than Miami. Im sure you'll thank me. And as other guests have said...Miami is awesome to visit for up to 3 days, but you will be ach
—Guest Jen

Move to the northern side.

I just recently moved here aftet living in Arizona for 16 years.. My advice to you is to remember that all things are relative. ..example: if you are moving from Arizona, ( Like I did) then the Florida summer is nothing, people still are able to go out, play in the parks go to the beach etc.. but if you are moving from Alaska than the summer may be hell for you.. It's all relative. If you like a life where there are many different cultures, there are people actually walking for exercise or simply a walk, if you like a million different choices to eat, if you love the sea, then south Florida may be for you. However I live in Boca Raton, about 40 minutes north of Miami and although people here has no culture here it is still a great place to live.. you can always drive 40 minutes to Miami anytime you wish. ( it's what I do) By the way im Dominican so Spanish don't bother me.. Although I was basically raised my adult life around white people, therefore I rather stay north and visit M.
—Guest DL

22 and single

I bought a home at 20 and now I'm still single no children and I dont need the upkeep of my home here on the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia And I want the free high style glamour style of life a condo with a ocean here.
—Guest Derrick

Thinking about moving to Miami

I'm thinking about moving to Miami this year but i'm not sure about that decision (about miami life) so can you guys help out.. i want a place where i can enjoy, raise money and just live. you know what mean? im a open minded person so i just want to know if im making a good decision by moving to Miami. Thanks everyone
—Guest Lucas

Just don't do it

This Place is very very bad. To start don't say please, thank you or excuse me. Don't ever trust anyone. Don't let people cut in front of you in traffic, don't feel bad about cutting infront of people. For Safety think of Johannesburg look over you shoulder and never never never trust or give people the benefit of the doubt. Don't be shy to tell people to speak english. Stay out of north miami, west miami and Little havana. Always look at your bill the tip is usually added because the service is so god awful. Never over tip they don't care. This is not a joke before I moved here my wife told me I would hate it she's never been so right about one thing. It's a very very bad place.

Meet People in a Class

Moving anywhere is difficult but I met a lot of people in a Spanish class I took with Fluent City in New York. They are now bringing French and Spanish classes for adults to Miami (Brickell area) and I suggest checking them out at fluentcity.com. It was a great decision for me, and a good way to learn a new skill while meeting people that live in the area and have similar interests!

A lot of nonesense

There's a lot of nonsense in these replies. I've lived off and on in Miami all my life and never once heard a gunshot. Nor have I ever witnessed a teacher teaching a class in Spanish (except for Spanish class, obviously). Yes, the job market is tight. Yes, there are a lot of people who don't speak a lot of English, some of whom, but not at all, have an attitude about it. Miami has a lot of problems, and it's not for everyone (I'd rather live somewhere else myself, honestly), but people are just grossly exaggerating matters.
—Guest Al

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Top Tips for Moving to Miami

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