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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Moving to Miami

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From the article: Relocating to Miami
Considering moving to Miami? In this article, local residents share their advice on moving to our fair city. It's the advice they wish they had before showing up in South Florida!

NY To Miami

"live in NY once, but leave before it makes you to hard" Sunscreen poem... Born and raised in the Bronx, currently living in Westchester. i have the tough skin. i am going to study med school but i will not live on campus. Miami Dade college is where i will attend. any recommendations, would be very much appreciated
—Guest Sam

Choose a great city near the miami area

Very dangerous and people are rude. Only places I suggest is West Miramar, Pembroke Pines, south west ranches, west plantation, west sunrise, davie. Other good cities near miami are located in western palm beach county and very east like near the ocean east. Aventura is a great example. Bad places are opa locka, over town, Miami Gardens, north miami, little haiti, little Havana, liberty city, carol city, and a few parts of north miami beach. High crime rates are among these areas.
—Guest Handle Castro

Love It For What It Is

I've grown up in Palm Beah County my entire life and visit Miami very often. What people don't understand is the proper way to approach miami. I think of it as the last true guilded frontier city. In this way it echoes many Latin American cities. The government is corrupt, time moves slowly for everything (think construction, service based institutions, restaurants, etc.), and the foreign organized crime runs very deep in this city. If you are young and not some pussy hippie POS then you will love it here. YOU MUST HAVE THICK SKIN AND WELL TRAINED STREET SMARTS. No one should be trusted. But also due to this mutual distrust between residents feel free to do literally whatever the f*** you want because aint no one gonna even bat an eye. Dont move here with a family (or planning one), dont come here looking to continue your life from up north, and dont come here if you're a Southern Po Dunk town person. Come here to be free and left alone to do as you please legal or not cuz its f'n MIA.
—Guest Cameron

We love Miami

We moved here 4 years ago , my kids love the weather ,food, friends and all the outdoor activities . People are warm and friendly . I come from South America and my Husband is from Chicago. Believe me here is so much better if you have kids. Cities with extreme winter weather are not good for raising kids. Miami is like any other city with residential areas ( look for a good school for your kids ) endless beach condos & homes and also the party life area , so you just have to choose . You must have a car and be ready to learn to drive Miami style , remember here we have People from all over the world, so there are so many cultures mixed up . So if you are are open minded person, you won't have problems with Spanglish people like Us . You and your kids can learn Spanish . We are not to bad, I have friends from India , Egypt , Brasil , Nicaragua , Argentina, England etc .. and I don't have any problems making friends and learning different tastes and cultures. We totally love Miami
—Guest cnc

Miami - like any major city in the world

Hello Kathy, I moved to Miami about 10 years ago from the UK. I do not speak Spanish. Initially that didn't bother me, now, sometimes it does as the world becomes more and more global. However, I like a lot of stuff about Miami. I take what I like, I give what I can and I ignore the rest as best as I can! Nowhere is perfect. Like any major city in the world, it is not without its challenges. Choose your neighborhood carefully (I love my neighborhood -Doral). Lots to do at the weekends for kids/family/couples. The weather, to me is great! If you don't live at the beach area, it's about 30 minutes from most places in Miami. There are lots of shows, museums, restaurants, events if that is your thing. Orlando is 3 hours away (Disney trips for the kids)... Anyway, Miami is what you make of it, 10 years here, with kids, never had a major issue. Email me directly if you want "mystorecards@hotmail.com". All the best with whatever decision you make.
—Guest Ron

Classes are taught in English

I agree with many people about how horrible is to live in Miami, I did for almost a year and I moved back to SC, but to say that they teach their classes in Spanish is a freaking lie, classes are taught in English, I even have some relatives that go to public and private schools and classes are taught in English. There might be some schools with the Dual program but it is not just Miami in a lot of cities around the U.S they have the same programs.
—Guest Rosy


Miami is the best city to live in. End of discussion.
—Guest Andy

Miami is Beautiful

I will be honest and say some stuff that is not "politically correct" or may hurt a certain group's ego. Here goes. Miami and I am speaking of Dade County is a mix of ethnicities but most live in one certain area. I currently live in Sunny Isles where it is like little Isreal. Excluding the jews you have Europeans on vacation that stay in the hotels off the beaches. It is very safe, you see little children playing WITHOUT much supervision and mothers taking a leisurely stroll at night. If you are Jewish and you want to be close to Miami, this is your place. Next you have North Miami (Beach) which dominates to the West Indies, Caribean folks. You will see them working in the stores but most are very mild mannered people. I like North Miami because it is a great location. You hare half way to Ft Lauderdale and half way to Miami. Also you have some nice malls in Aventura and Bal Harbour. In short if you are white most move to Ft. Lauderdale. Open minded people with money move to Miami.

Interested in visting Miami/Possilbe mov

I am interested in visiting Miami. I live in the Midwest so here, weather is unpredictable or just cold.. I am sick of the snow and cold weather! I live on the North side of Indy and rent is about $800/mo. the area is safe and quiet. I work in the Medical/Clerical field at a nice facilitie outside Indianapolis. When is the best time to vistit Miami? What Hotel is nice and affordable? Could anyone give me some names of areas that are safe to live in, preferrably outside Miami. By the way I can't speak any Spanish. Thanks for your help!


—Guest MAMI

Don't do it!!

Moving to Miami? My only response is not to do it and I am serious. Unless you speak Spanish, like HEAT AND HUMIDITY year round, rude and dangerous drivers who don't give a hoot for pedestrians (actually most people are rude & have no sense of waiting for your turn, etc.), then by all means come. If not, you will hate it!!!
—Guest Isabelle

Miami Drivers are the worst

It's not the traffic congestion that makes Miami drivers the worst, it's the attitude and recklessness of the drivers themselves! I'm from Los Angeles, born and raised, and I've driven all over NYC, DC, Philly, and Miami. Miami drivers are always running red lights...try doing that in L.A. or DC and I guarantee you that some cop will come out of nowhere and write you one hell of a traffic citation! Miami is just atrocious for driving, completely uncivilized.
—Guest Jean-Luc

The Negatives Out Weigh the Positives

The comments are spot on without exaggeration. Miami is for partying or tourism, not to live. It's no longer Miami, FL. It is Cuba, FL which is a shame on how our US gov't allowed foreigners to take over a whole city. I've lived in Miami for 15 years. I came down in my 20's of course loved the night life. Now in my 30's sick of it. Outside of partying it is a limited city. It lacks diversity . The diversity moved to Fort Lauderdale. That is my suggestion if someone were to want to move to South FL. To completely get away from the "me no speaka the English" You would probably have to think of living in Deerfield Beach and up. I bought my condo during the bust and the market is slowly creeping back up. Once I sell, I'm moving to Arizona. They are tough on immigration and not high on the new preferential treatment if you come out and say you are gay.
—Guest Jason

If you are not closed minded-Miami = :-)

The most common thing I hear is that everyone has a problem with the Spanish speaking and racism. Miami is a culture hub and a WONDERFUL place to live. You've got to be open though, not everyone is American, there are lots of different cultures and if you love people, love trying new things, being active, seeing lots of beautiful people on a regular- then Miami is for you. You don't have to be super rich either, you just have to have some modesty and acceptance towards new things. Pople dont realize that if YOU are giving nasty looks, you will get them in RETURN! The traffic sucks- but if you are an Agressive driver and don't get your panties in a bunch, then it's actually quite fun with everyone driving way above the speed limit. The food has no comparison. And there are places that are gold mines and super inexpensive! It's very easy to be social here. Anyone with a smile can make new friends and network. The only cons are the weird bugs, sometimes its really windy, and storms.
—Guest Guest A


When we decided to move to Miami we didn't check the pros and cons. People in Miami people are rue, unfriendly and when you speak English they look at you like if you're an ALIEN from outer space. Like they say WELCOME to MIAMI! Is beautiful and like other places they have good and bad areas. People here forget or have no concept that Florida is a state and not a foreign country. No offense I was born and raise in New York City from Puerto Rican parents but certain areas in Miami look like third world countries. I glow when I come across a person that speaks English. Don't get me wrong I speak Spanish but English is my primary language. Every call you make you must press a number if you want to speak in English. Do your homework before relocating to Miami the grass is not greener in the other side.
—Guest Maggie

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