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Spring Break in Miami

The Unofficial Guide to Spring Break in Miami and South Beach


Spring Break in Miami

Mathew Lakatos and Brett Witmer from Shippensburg University use a funnel to drink beer during spring break on South Beach. Students from colleges around the country are on spring break which starts at the end of February and into mid-April.

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Miami Beach is one of the top spring break destinations for college students seeking to break away from their routines and the drudgery of midterm exams. Every year, thousands of co-eds converge upon South Beach for a week of fun and excitement. Here’s a collection of our best resources designed specifically to help you have a blast on your Miami Beach spring break!


Getting to Miami

First things first: you need to get to Miami! Whether you’re planning to drive or fly, the resources below will help make your trip a smooth one:

Flying into Miami
Getting to Your Hotel from the Airport
Road Trip to Miami
Getting Around Miami: Guide to Public Transportation


Staying in Miami

You’ll also need a place to crash while you’re in Miami. Whether you’re looking for a high-end hotel, cheaper establishment or want to find a hostel on South Beach, there’s a place to stay in Miami for every taste and budget.

Top Miami Beach Hotels
Budget South Beach Hotels
South Beach Weekend Getaway
Miami Beach Hostels


Things to Do in Miami During the Day

Miami is full of exciting things to do, ranging from airboat rides in the nearby Florida Everglades to sea/land tours of Miami and Miami Beach. Here are some of the best things to do in Miami during the day:

Top Things to Do in Miami
Miami’s Best Beaches
Best Shopping in Miami
Shopping on Miami Beach
Miami Beach Walking Tour
Saving a Buck with Miami-Area Discounts


Miami and South Beach Nightlife

The real fun in Miami starts after the sun sinks below the horizon. Here are some great resources to help you navigate the evenings in Miami and South Beach.

Top Miami Bars and Nightclubs
Miami Beach Nightlife
Movie Theaters in Miami


Places to Eat in Miami

Unless you’re planning to bring a giant bag of granola bars, you’ll want to eat at a variety of restaurants while you’re staying in Miami. Here are some of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat:

Top Miami Restaurants
Best Italian Restaurants in Miami
Best Miami Beach Restaurants
Best Cheap Restaurants in South Beach
Best Miami Coffee Shops
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