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Miami International Airport Lost and Found


Did you lose an item at the Miami airport? MIA's lost and found service stores turned-in items for 60 days. You can file a lost item claim online or by telephone.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Gather the following information about your item:
    • Complete description of the item
    • Location where you believe you lost it (as specific as possible)
    • Date of loss
    • Your contact information
  2. Contact the Miami International Airport Lost and Found Department via telephone at (305) 876-7377 or email at lostandfound@miami-airport.com and provide the information. Alternatively, you may visit them in person at the airport, Central Terminal E, Level 2.
  3. If your item is recovered, you will need to provide a UPS or FedEx account number. The airport will use this account to return your item to you.


  1. Be as specific as possible in describing your item. If you can provide a serial number, this is extremely helpful, especially for electronic items.
  2. File your claim promptly. Items are only kept for 60 days.

What You Need

  • Description of the item
  • Date item was lost
  • Location of loss
  • Your contact information
  • FedEx or UPS account number
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