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SuperShuttle Service: Miami and Fort Lauderdale Aiports


SuperShuttle Service: Miami and Fort Lauderdale Aiports
SuperShuttle is a convenient, inexpensive way to travel to the airport via a shared ride van service. SuperShuttle vans are often less expensive than a taxi ride and provide easy access to Miami International Airport. Transportation is available 24 hours per day.


SuperShuttle charges a per passenger rate based upon the distance between the airport and your destination. Depending upon your destination, rates for the first passenger vary between $14 and $30. Additional passengers are around $10 each. You may check the SuperShuttle site for specific rates to your destination.


Reservations are required for trips to the airport. You may make a reservation by calling (305) 871-2000. SuperShuttle also accepts reservations on their website.

At the Airport

No reservation is necessary for trips leaving the airport. Simply approach a blue-shirted SuperShuttle representative in the ground transportation area of the airport and they will arrange a van for you.

Waiting for a Pickup?

If you're like me, you get nervous that you'll miss your flight if the SuperShuttle van is running late. SuperShuttle recently added a new feature to their site that allows you to track your van in real-time on a Google map so you can see it approaching your pick-up point.

Pros and Cons

While you'll save as much as 50% over the cost of a taxi, remember that SuperShuttle is a shared ride service. Your trip will take longer than a taxi and it could be significantly longer depending upon how many other people are in your van and your position on the drop-off/pick-up list.

SuperShuttle at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)

While SuperShuttle used to provide service to Fort Lauderdale airport, this was recently discontinued.
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