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Getting around Dade County can be a real challenge! Anyone who's ever tried to use public transportation wonders what the city planners were thinking when they drew the maps. Get the inside scoop on traveling around Miami from your About Guide.

MetroRail to Miami International Airport
Miami’s MetroRail public transportation system now serves Miami International Airport (MIA)! After decades of waiting, the system extension opened in July 2012, offering service several times per hour on the new MetroRail Orange line.

Driving Times and Distances from Miami
Located in South Florida, Miami is quite far from many other points in our state. That doesnt mean, however, that driving to other Florida destinations is out of the question. In fact, many other Florida cities are great locations for day trips or an extended weekend vacation.

Miami Airport Transportation: Taxis, Shuttles and Parking at MIA
Getting to or from Miami International Airport (MIA) can be a hassle. In this article, we take a look at several of the transportation options available to you when you need to get a ride to or from Miami airport.

Miami Carpools, Vanpools and the Emergency Ride Home Program
Can’t stand being stuck in the morass of South Florida traffic every morning and evening during your commute? If Miami’s mass transportation system doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t have much choice but to stick it out on the roads of Miami Dade county. Sharing responsibility with other drivers in a carpool can help reduce your stress and...

SuperShuttle Service: Miami and Fort Lauderdale Aiports
SuperShuttle is a convenient, inexpensive way to travel to the airport via a shared ride van service. SuperShuttle vans are often less expensive than a taxi ride and provide easy access to Miami International Airport. Transportation is available 24 hours per day.

Miami Taxi Services
Looking for a taxi in Miami? Hailing a cab can be a challenge in South Florida. Whether you're looking for a cab at Miami International Airport, in downtown Miami, or in the suburbs, this article provides some useful advice.

Renting a Car at Miami International Airport
Do you need to rent a car at Miami International Airport? There are a number of full-service rental car agencies serving Miami residents and visitors. Your first stop should be the About Miami Travel Center where you can easily compare the car rental rates from all Miami rental firms and select the one with the lowest price for your rental...

95 Express: I-95 Express Lanes
In late 2008, the Florida Department of Transportation converted the I-95 high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound between SR 112 and the Golden Glades Interchange to 95 Express: a toll-based express lane open to all commuters. Despite the controversy surrounding the so-called “Lexus Lane”, 95 Express has proved extremely popular with commuters seeking to shave time off their commutes.

Driving in Miami
Driving in Miami can be an incredibly frustrating experience. After all, our city is the two-time winner of the Rudest Drivers in America contest and, unfortunately, many of our residents are proud of that fact. Were also known for bumper-to-bumper traffic and confusing highways, expressways and roads that can bewilder a newcomer. Driving in...

Miami Beach Parking
Planning to drive to Miami Beach? You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of affordable parking options available to motorists.

Get a Miami Beach Parking Card
Miami Beach Parking Cards offer a convenient alternative to fishing for change for parking meters in the City of Miami Beach. These electronic cards allow you to prepay for parking at any Miami Beach meter or parking garage.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Lots
Many Miami residents, myself included, see Fort Lauderdale airport as an attractive alternative to the crowds and congestion of Miami International airport. Once youve made the 30-minute drive from Miami to FLL, youll want to find a convenient place to park. In this article, we look at the best parking lots in the vicinity of FLL and help...

Miami Airport Parking Lots
Miami Airport is not the easiest place in the world to navigate. Driving into the airport presents challenges for drivers rushing to catch a flight and unwilling to spend an exorbitant amount on parking. In this article, we take a look at some of the best parking options for Miami International Airport.

Miami Drivers Rudest in America
Miami recently earned the dubious distinction of being voted the home of the rudest drivers in America. The AutoVantage “In The Driver’s Seat” Road Rage study ranked the driving habits and attitudes of motorists across the United States and chose Miami as the unfriendliest place in America to get behind the wheel.

Miami-Dade Road Rangers
Picture if you will: you are traveling along the Palmetto in the middle of the night and discover you've been running on empty. Before you can get to the next exit, your car sputters to a stop. What do you do? Call a friend to bring you a tank of gas? Call a tow truck? There's no need, with Metro Dade's Road Ranger program- help is probably already on the way!

Miami International Airport (MIA): The Basics
Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the world’s busiest airports and serves as a hub for international flights between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean. While our airport is certainly convenient, it can also be quite difficult to navigate. In this article, we explore the basics of MIA.

How to Get a SunPass
Tired of waiting in line at toll booths in Dade County? You're not alone! You, too can obtain a SunPass and fly through the fast lane of the Dolphin Expressway, Florida Turnpike and other toll bottlenecks. You'll save money to boot!

Getting Around Miami
You want to travel Miami without the hassles of traffic and parking? Miami-Dade has a wonderful public transportation system. Here's how to get from Point A, to Point B, to Point C...

Road Rangers to the Rescue
Need roadside assistance? Help is on the way within minutes when these "Angels of the Highways" are on patrol!

Mass Transit in Miami
Miami-Dade Transit's official site offers the nitty-gritty on getting from Point A to Point B using the Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus systems. You'll find schedules, fare information, route maps and more at this informative site.

Metrorail Overview
If you're a transportation buff, you'll find this site extremely interesting. It provides over 30 pictures illustrating the inner workings of Miami's Metrorail system along with details on the logistical functioning of the rail system.

Miami Airport Guide
Whether you're a frequent flyer at MIA or you're just passing though on your way to a cruise or Latin American vacation, you'll find this guide to Miami's major airport useful. It provides terminal information, parking instructions, ground transportation options, and links to area restaurants and hotels.

Miami Beach Marina
If you're planning to visit Miami by boat, the Miami Beach Marina offers a full array of nautical services along with easy access to South Beach and the famous Art Deco district.

Transit Map
This map from Miami-Dade transit offers route information for the MetroMover, MetroRail and MetroBus mass transportation systems.

The Tri-Rail commuter train system offers options for long-distance commuters throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. This interactive site offers schedule and fare information along with real-time train tracking.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Complaints
Do you travel through Fort Lauderdale Airport on a regular basis? Have an issue with the service you received during your travel at FLL? Whether it's an experience at the rental car counter, in the parking lots, at the TSA security checkpoints or in the FLL terminals, we're interested in hearing your experience.

Miami International Airport Complaints
Do you travel through Miami International Airport on a regular basis? Have an issue with the service you received during your travel at MIA? Whether it's an experience at the rental car counter, in the parking lots, at the TSA security checkpoints or in the MIA terminals, we're interested in hearing your experience.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Lost and Found
Did you lose an item at the Miami airport? MIA's lost and found service stores turned-in items for 60 days. You can file a lost item claim online or by telephone.

Miami International Airport Lost and Found
Did you lose an item at the Miami airport? MIA's lost and found service stores turned-in items for 60 days. You can file a lost item claim online or by telephone.

Free WiFi at Miami International Airport

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