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Miracle Mile Shopper's Guide

Shopping the Mile in Coral Gables


Miracle Mile Shopper's Guide
The Miracle Mile shopping district in Coral Gables offers visitors and residents an exciting lineup of upscale retail stores and restaurants. The area is a section of Coral Way (SW 22nd Street) between Douglas Road (SW 37th Avenue) and LeJeune Road (SW 42nd Avenue) in Coral Gables.


I love the lineup of boutiques dotting the Mile and can literally spend hours wandering from store to store. Some “must see” shops include Acqua, Curves N’ Waves and Carroll’s Jewelers. My husband's favorite haunts are the bookstores: Books & Books and Barnes & Noble.


There are over 70 restaurants on Miracle Mile, so you’re bound to find something that suits your palate. Some great places to stop for a bite include John Martin’s Irish Pub, Café con Leche and Rocks on the Mile.


Miracle Mile is home to the Actors’ Playhouse as well as a number of art galleries, including the miArte Gallery and the Coral Gables Gallery.

Getting There

From the North or West, take SR 836 to LeJeune Road/SW 42nd Avenue. Travel south on LeJeune and turn left onto Miracle Mile.

From the South, take US 1 north to LeJeune Road. Turn left onto LeJeune and then right onto Miracle Mile.

For More Information

More information about Miracle Mile and Coral Gables, visit the Coral Gables Business Improvement District website.
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