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Black Friday Shopping in Miami


Black Friday Shopping in Miami

People stand in front of a Walmart store before the doors open at 5am on the day known as 'Black Friday' in Miami.

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year, as attention turns from turkeys and potatoes to preparing for the winter holiday season. Retail stores, eager to earn their share of the holiday shopping blitz, put on their best sales of the year, pulling out all of the stops to attract holiday shoppers. Whether you prefer to peruse Miami's shopping malls or the boutiques of South Beach, here's some advice on making the most of Black Friday in Miami:

  • Plan ahead. This is the key to success on Black Friday. If you're going to wake up early to beat the crowds, know where you're going to visit and when. Get the papers and sit down on Thanksgiving Day to plot your strategy. Prioritize your visits to stores based upon the deals you most want to snatch up. Given the crazy traffic patterns in Miami, you'll want to organize your route geographically as well. There's no sense in starting out at Sawgrass Mills, hitting The Falls second and then backtracking to Bal Harbour Shops.
  • Start at the busiest spots first. Expect to see a giant crowd at hotspots like Dolphin Mall. If such a mega-shopping destination is on your hit list, try to visit it as early in the day as possible.
  • Snatch up the doorbusters while they last. The doorbuster deals advertised on the front cover of Black Friday ads are almost always either limited quantity or limited hours of availability. Settle down on a few that you put on your "must have" list and plan to be at the store when (if not before) the doors open.
  • Factor in meals. Don't forget that a well-nourished shopper is a better shopper! You won't want to detract from the early morning "power hours", so bring a thermos of coffee and a box of granola bars with you in the car and then plan a lunch stop for later in the day when you're ready for a break.
Enjoy Black Friday! It's the only day of the year that shopping becomes a competitive sport!
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