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Shorty's Barbeque Restaurant

Best BBQ in Miami!

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Shorty's Barbeque Restaurant
Phillip Pessar
Shorty's is not a fancy place. However, if you don't mind a few splinters in your rear and a roll of paper towels to wipe your mouth with, you'll find the best bar-b-q in South Florida at amazingly low prices! The original Shorty's on U.S. 1 opened in 1951 and is joined by more recent openings around the county.

The Food

Shorty's food is absolutely delicious. Now, keep in mind, this is a BBQ joint in the truest sense, not a fine dining restaurant. You'll be eating with your hands, covered in sauce and licking your fingers the whole time, but you'll also have a huge smile on your face. I think the best testament to Shorty's excellence is the fact that my husband raves about it and this is a man who owns two smokers, lived for a while in Texas and criticizes the "commercial" barbeque in almost every restaurant he visits. It's apparent from the food at Shorty's that they love what they do and they take the time to do it correctly. You'll find that the menu is somewhat limited, but everything on it is good. My personal favorite is baby back ribs platter, which is served with fries, cole slaw and bread. The meat comes off the bone perfectly, leaving me with a set of clean bones to show for my meal. My husband is a big fan of the pulled pork. Honestly, we've never tried the salads or burgers, but you shouldn't walk in the door of a BBQ restaurant thinking about burgers or salads anyway, right? Shorty's is ranked on my list of Miami's Best Restaurants along with a similar restaurant, Tobacco Road.

The Ambiance

If you're looking for fancy ambiance, Shorty's is not the place to go. If you understand that the true BBQ experience is wooden benches, rolls of paper towels and plastic squeeze bottles of condiments, you'll feel right at home. Table sharing is common, so don't be surprised if someone wants to sit down next to you. Take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a stranger! One word of warning: the lines at Shorty's (especially the original location in Dadeland), can get very long at times. We've often cruised by, taken a look at the length of the line and decided to go elsewhere that evening. If you've never been to Shorty's, however, the experience is worth the wait!


Shorty's has four locations:
  • The Original Shorty's: 9200 South Dixie Highway (US 1), Miami
  • West Miami: 11575 SW 40th Street, Miami
  • Davie: 5989 South University Drive, Davie
  • Doral: 2255 NW 87th Avenue, Doral
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