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Florida Property Tax Exemptions

Discounts for Homeowners, Veterans, Senior Citizens and the Disabled


Florida Property Tax Exemptions
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Florida residents may take advantage of a number of property tax exemptions designed to provide you with a discount on your property taxes. Most homeowners are eligible for at least one of these exemptions on their primary residence and many Florida residents qualify for other property tax discounts based upon age, disability and/or veteran status. The most common currently available exemptions include:
  • Homestead Exemptions of up to $50,000 are available to Florida residents on their primary residence. The first $25,000 of this exemption applies to all property taxes. The second $25,000, which applies to asses values between $50,000 and $75,000 applies to non-school taxes only.
  • Widow(er)’s Exemptions of $500 are available to non-remarried widows and widowers.
  • Senior Citizen’s Exemptions of up to $50,000 are available in certain counties and cities to citizens aged 65 and older who have gross income below $20,000 (in 2001 dollars, adjusted for inflation).

Disability Exemptions

Additional exemptions are available for citizens who have various types of disability, ranging from a $500 exemption to complete relief from property taxes. These exemptions include:
  • Disability Exemptions of $500 are available to Florida residents who are totally and permanently disabled.
  • Blindness Exemptions of $500 are available to legally blind residents.
  • Quadriplegic Exemptions are available on real estate owned and used as a homestead by a quadriplegic. Such homesteads are completely exempt from property tax.
  • Total Disability Exemptions are available to real estate owned and used as a homestead by a totally and permanently disabled person who must use a wheelchair for mobility or is legally blind and has gross income below $14,500 (in 1991 dollars, adjusted for inflation). This exemption provides complete relief from property taxes

Veteran’s Exemptions

Special categories of exemptions are available to homeowners in Florida who are veterans of the U.S. military and were disabled while in the military service. These exemptions include:
  • Veteran’s Disability Exemptions of $5,000 are available to veterans who have at least a 10% service-connected disability, as rated by the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Combat Injury Discount are available to residents ages 65 and older who were Florida residents when entering the service, were honorably discharged, and have a combat-related disability. This discount is given as a percentage discount equal to the veteran’s service-connected disability rating.
  • Total Veteran’s Disability Exemptions are available to honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected total and permanent disability. This exemption provides total and complete tax relief for all property tax on the veteran’s primary residence.
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