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Miami has some of the most severe weather, greatest variety of wildlife and one of the most unique landscapes (The Everglades) in the country. See what there is to learn about nature in Miami.
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Biscayne National Park Visitors Guide
Did you know that just off the coast of Miami lie gorgeous coral reefs, pristine tropical waters and over ten thousand years of pirates, shipwrecks and Native Americans? A single trip to Biscayne National Park will change your views very quickly!

National Parks in Miami and South Florida
Did you know that there are three major national parks within driving distance of Miami? These national treasures offer a wide variety of natural and historic beauty right under our noses. If you're looking for a great way to spend an afternoon or an entire weekend, make your first stop the Visitors Center of one of these parks where the...

Dry Tortugas National Park Visitors Guide
Located 70 miles west of the tropical paradise of Key West, Dry Tortugas National Park is made up of a cluster of small islands, coral reefs, and one impressive fortress. While it’s certainly not advised to make an impulsive trip to Dry Tortugas, with a little planning you and your family can make a trip to one of America’s most unique and...

Miami Outdoor Activities - Reader Opinions
What's your favorite way to spend time outdoors in Miami? Share your opinions with other About Miami readers!

Florida State Parks Annual Passes
Florida’s state parks offer a wealth of recreational and educational activities to residents of all ages. The beauty of our park system extends from the beautiful beaches of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and John Pennekamp State Park to the historic Barnacle State Historic Park. Did you know that you can avoid daily entrance fees by...

Best Beaches in Miami - Reader Opinions
What's your favorite beach in Miami? I've shared some of mine with you, here's your chance to share your favorite sunbathing and swimming spots with other About Miami readers.

Miami Earth Day Celebrations
Each year, we set aside April 22nd as Earth Day: a celebration of our planet and a call to protect its natural resources. Although the official Earth Day is always on the 22nd, Miami hosts a number of events throughout the week to provide residents with the opportunity to learn more about protecting the environment and conserving our natural...

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden provides residents and visitors with a uniquely South Florida garden experience. Dedicated to preserving the diversity of tropical plants, Fairchild features some of the world's best collections of palms, cycads, flowering trees, vines and fruit trees along with other tropical plants. The garden also contains a 2-acre tropical rainforest, a fruit pavilion and a new exhibit entitled Jewels of the Caribbean.

Water Restrictions in Miami Dade County
As of March 22nd, Miami Dade County is in a water shortage emergency, as declared by the South Florida Water Management District. As a result, Phase I water restrictions are now in effect. What does this mean for the average homeowner? Let’s take a look at the practical effect of these restrictions on our lives.

Everglades: River of Grass
With 1.5 million acres of swamps, saw-grass prairies and sub-tropical jungles, Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual public parks in the United States. Located on the southern tip of Florida, the park is home to 14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. and...

Top Ten Activities in Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park is one of South Florida's natural treasures. Within the park's boundaries, you will find wildlife unique to this swampy habitat, natural formations of great beauty and recreation opportunities that exist only in Florida's southernmost tip. In this article, we look at the ten "must do" activities within Everglades...

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
Theres no denying that Florida is known for its sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and relaxed lifestyle and nothing encapsulates the beauty of southern Florida like Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Snakes of Florida
When you think of Florida wildlife, your mind probably turns to manatees, alligators and marlins. Cast your eyes downwards at the flourishing green grass, however, and you just might come across one of the many species of snakes in Florida.

Miami's Best Parks

Miami Plant Zones
South Florida’s diverse habitat is divided into growing zones based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) classification and the climate at sunset. Due to Miami’s extraordinary year-round growing climate, Miami is one of the only areas in the country able to maintain tropical and subtropical plants. This article will explain the different plant zones of Miami, how they can guide your planting, and what native plants you can expect to be indigenous to the land.

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