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Miami is both a wonderful and confusing place to live. For those arriving from other places within the United States, you quickly learn that the Latin American influences on our fair city make it unlike any other. Those from other lands learn that our government structure is at least as (if not more!) confusing than any they’ve seen before. In this section, we navigate life in Miami together, offering some clear advice on getting things done in our fair city.
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Miami may have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, but it's not impossible to find a job. Let me help you get your job search off on the right foot by guiding you to the best sites on the net to find employment in Dade County and the best businesses to work for.

Miami Real Estate

Moving to Miami or relocating within our fair city can be a stressful experience. In this series of articles, we take a look at the process of finding an apartment, selecting a mortgage and relocating successfully to Miami.

Travel and Transportation

Getting around Dade County can be a real challenge! Anyone who's ever tried to use public transportation wonders what the city planners were thinking when they drew the maps. Get the inside scoop on traveling around Miami from your About Guide.


Miami is home to the fourth-largest public school district in the nation, several major universities and some of the region's finest continuing education resources. Whether you're looking to check out your child's school or earn a graduate degree in astrophysics, this section offers a great starting point!


Miami’s government is charitably described as a confusing morass. Our intertwined city, county, state and municipal governments have overlapping jurisdictions with less-than-transparent bureaucratic processes. In this section, I provide some clear advice on navigating the bureaucracy.


Hurricanes, tropical storms, heat and humidity all define the climate in Miami. We certainly get to enjoy much warmer weather than our northern neighbors, but we pay the price when it comes to severe weather. In this section, I offer practical information and advice on Miami’s unique climate.

Health and Fitness

Fitness is an obsession for Miami locals! From South Beach to the suburbs, everyone's trying to stay in shape. We've also got some of the best ranked hospitals and healthcare resources in the nation.

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