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Living in Miami poses its own unique challenges. Home maintenance and gardening are all affected by the hot Miami summers and dry Miami winters. These resources will help you become a domestic whiz.

Miami Homeowners Associations
What do Miami homeowners associations do, and how can they protect—or hurt—your property? Individuals thinking about buying a home or investing in real estate in South Florida need to educate themselves on homeowners associations and their potential impact on property use, the restrictions they can implement and the costs they can add.

Fire Ants in South Florida
Everyone in Miami is familiar with the dreaded fire ant. These small red creatures pack a toxic bite that leads to painful swelling, itching and stinging sensations. Homeowners who have experienced fire ant infestations in their yards know that they can also be quite difficult to drive out of an area. In this tip, we’ll take a look at the...

Thanksgiving 2011 in Miami
Miami's an excellent place to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you're looking for something interesting to do, there are a number of opportunities to celebrate the holidays and share good times with the community.

Top Eight Ways to Save Energy
With energy costs spiraling out of control, we're becoming more conscious of our household energy use. These money-saving tips will help you conserve our resources as well as protect your pocketbook.

Running errands with a baby is never a task most mothers look forward to. It gets a little easier when you get to park in those neat little green stroller spots! Here's how you can get one for yourself and your baby.

Charitable Giving in Miami
There are a variety of charities and institutions here to fill our needs, whether it is an educational need, a cultural need, a medical need or something more off the beaten path. If you are in a position to help a cause here, congratulations! Take a peek at some of Miami’s more interesting topics; all of these are local charities, so you can be sure that the impact is being felt right here at home.

How to Get a Marriage License in Miami
If you're starting to think about that spring wedding, one of the less fun steps is getting a marriage license. The license must be given to the person officiating the ceremony before you begin, so make sure you have it in hand!

MOMS Clubs in Dade and Broward
If you are one of the thousands of women in the Miami or Broward area who have given up work for the chance to be a full-time mom, you may feel that you’re the only one out there. During the day, when all of your friends are sitting in their office jobs, it’s easy to feel alone and frustrated by not leaving the house. That’s why motivated moms around Miami and Broward have started chapters of the International MOMS Club.

What You Should Know About Flood Insurance
Most Miamians are required to buy flood insurance, but what if your flood zone classification is wrong? You may be able to save money by having an evaluation.

Relocating to Miami
People have many reasons for moving to Miami including the sunny skies, diverse culture and interesting employment opportunities. No matter what the reasoning behind their moves, everyone runs into the same logistical challenges. This article pulls together a variety of resources to help you bypass the red tape and get your new life off to a...

Bedbug Identificaiton, Removal and Prevention
Bedbug infestations are popping up all around the country. Recently, two Miami Beach hotels were named to the list of the nation's dirtiest hotels. Are you concerned about bedbugs in your home or in a hotel where you're traveling?

Buying a Christmas Tree in Miami
Finding a Christmas tree in Miami may be difficult because there are no pine trees native to our region! However, it’s certainly possible to get Christmas trees that are shipped in from Christmas tree farms located in North Carolina and other climates more amenable to growing evergreens.

Holiday Tipping in Miami
Holiday tipping can be a very stressful experience. While most of us enjoy the opportunity to express our thanks to the many men and women who provide services that make our lives easier, we often find ourselves wondering how our gratuities stack up.

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