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Are you interested in Miami history? Curious about how we have evolved into such a diverse area? Here is a wealth of resources on the history of Miami. To truly appreciate where we stand today as a city, follow the journey of Miami history from Native American wetlands to a booming metropolitan hotspot.

The Barnacle in Coconut Grove
Located on the picturesque Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, the Barnacle in Miami is a sprawling house that was built by Ralph Middleton Munroe, a great sailor whose passion for building sea vessels made him a famous name in the nautical world. He built the Barnacle in 1921 and designed it to seamlessly integrate with the natural wonders around...

Miami, Florida Genealogy Resources
Has tracing the roots of your family tree taken you to Miami and the South Florida region? While our city is one of the youngest major cities in the United States, we still have a vast amount of historic information in our records, dating back to the city’s incorporation in 1896 and earlier. In this article, we provide some starting points for...

Miami Casualties in the Iraq War
Over 4,000 members of the American military have died serving our country during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The war in Iraq has taken a particularly devastating toll on the Miami community. To date, sixteen local soldiers, sailors and Marines have given their lives in service to our nation. In a recent analysis of the war’s impact on local communities, Miami ranked ninth in a listing of cities hardest hit by the war.

Fidel Castro Background Profile
Background on Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba.

Famous Names in Miami History
Their names are everywhere- Brickell Avenue. The Julia Tuttle Causeway. Flagler Street. Collins Street. Who are the people behind these names? Begin your history lesson here with a quick who's-who guide of our most famous historical residents.

History of the Freedom Tower
If you live in Miami, you no doubt know the Freedom Tower’s silhouette. It is a distinctive part of our skyline. Its rich history and symbolism have now been preserved for all to enjoy for many generations to come. Come see how it has added to Miami's culture and history.

Stone Circle
Miami's famous Stone Circle archaeology site is home to artifacts dating back to 125 A.D. It's also the center of a raging controversy that pits developers against historians. In this article, K. Kris Hirst, your About.com Guide to Archaeology takes an in-depth look at the site's history.

Bermuda Triangle
South Florida serves as one corner of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This intriguing site offers a look at the legends surrounding the region of the sea world-renowned for mysterious ship and plane disappearances.

Fast Facts About Miami
How many people live and work in Miami? How many passengers pass through the airport each year? How much trade passes through Miami on the way to Latin America? The Beacon Council provides quick answers to these questions and more.

Miami History
Lonely Planet traces the evolution of Miami from the days of Henry Flagler's railroad empire through the devastating blow Hurricane Andrew struck to the South Florida region.

Miami Circle: Indian Heritage in Downtown Miami
A routine archaeological evaluation of a construction site in 1998 uncovered one of the most surprising discoveries in the history of South Florida. Crews preparing to build a new luxury apartment complex discovered that 401 Brickell Avenue had much more ancient residents than previously believed.

The Elian Gonzalez Story
Elian Gonzalez, the 6 year old boy at the center of the international battle for child custody, and contention between the U.S. and Cuba, has recently resurfaced into the spotlight, sparking new debates.

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