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Miami Emergency Rooms


Miami Emergency Rooms
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In an emergency, prompt expert medical care can mean the difference between life and death. Miami’s emergency rooms provide the community with 24-hour access to trained specialists ready to handle all types of urgent medical situations. These facilities, associated with Miami-area hospitals are the best choice when you feel your situation is very serious. In critical situations requiring immediate attention, you may find prompter and less expensive care at one of Miami’s urgent care centers. Here’s the run-down on emergency rooms in Miami-Dade county. All facilities on this list are staffed 24 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you or someone else is experiencing a medical emergency, you should call 911 rather than trying to drive to an emergency room by yourself.

Baptist Hospital

8900 North Kendall Drive, Miami

Baptist Hospital and Baptist Children’s Hospital feature 24-hour access to both a standard and specialized pediatric emergency room.

Doctors Hospital

5000 University Drive, Coral Gables

This full-service emergency room in Coral Gables provides prompt emergency medical care. Doctors Hospital is known for its sports medicine practice, serving many of the community’s professional sports teams.

Homestead Hospital

975 Baptist Way, Homestead
If you’re located in the southern part of the county, Homestead Hospital, affiliated with the Baptist Health system, provides a full-service emergency room.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

1611 NW 12th Avenue, Miami
Jackson Memorial Hospital is the home of the Ryder Trauma Center, Miami’s only Level 1 trauma center. It also boasts a separate pediatric emergency room and is one of only 17 hospitals in Florida to be certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Kendall Regional Medical Center

11750 SW 40th Street, Miami

Kendall Regional Medical Center is home to both a standard and pediatric emergency room. Their current ER wait times are published on the web.

Larkin Community Hospital

7301 SW 62nd Avenue, South Miami

Larkin Community Hospital provides a full-service emergency medicine department to the South Miami community.

Mercy Hospital

3663 South Miami Avenue, Miami

Mercy Hospital’s highly skilled emergency medical specialists are available at all times to handle critical situations. Their iTriage program allows you to optionally complete the check-in process before leaving home.

Miami Children’s Hospital

3100 SW 62nd Avenue, Miami

Miami Children’s Hospital is home to a fully staffed pediatric emergency department, recognized by Child magazine as one of the 10 best pediatric emergency facilities in the nation.

Mount Sinai Aventura Emergency Room

2845 Aventura Boulevard, Aventura
This freestanding emergency room is associated with Mount Sinai hospital on Miami Beach. If you arrive at this emergency room and require hospital admission, you will be transferred to a full-service hospital.

Mount Sinai Medical Center

4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach
Mount Sinai Medical Center provides the only emergency medical facility on Miami Beach. It is also the home of Miami’s only emergency medicine residency program.

South Miami Hospital

6200 SW 73rd Street, South Miami
South Miami hospital began a three-year emergency department renovation program in 2010 that promises to bring the community an updated state-of-the-art emergency medical facility.

University of Miami Hospital

1400 NW 12th Avenue, Miami

The University of Miami Hospital’s emergency department features three 24-hour Level 1 emergency specialty centers: a Cardiac Center, Chest Pain Center and a Stroke Center.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital

9555 SW 162nd Avenue, Miami
For those in the western portion of the county, Baptist’s West Kendall Hospital may provide the most convenient access to emergency medical care.
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