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Fitness is an obsession for Miami locals! From South Beach to the suburbs, everyone's trying to stay in shape. We've also got some of the best ranked hospitals and healthcare resources in the nation. Get the best links from your About Miami guide!
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Miami Childhood Vaccinations
Did you know that the Miami-Dade Health Department offers a free immunization program for children? The vaccines are available to any child age 18 or younger who visits one of the Miami Dade County Health Department Clinics.

Miami Emergency Rooms
In an emergency, prompt expert medical care can mean the difference between life and death. Miami’s emergency rooms provide the community with 24-hour access to trained specialists ready to handle all types of urgent medical situations.

Spring Allergies in Miami
Spring brings a number of pleasant feelings to mind – spring flowers, the rainy season and the nearing of summer vacation. However, for thousands of Miami residents, it also brings the beginning of a serious allergy season marked by runny noses, watery eyes and plenty of tissues. In this article, we take a look at where Miami stands relative to other US cities and some common sense precautions you can take to control your allergies.

Protect Yourself from West Nile Virus
With West Nile Virus being a threat to Miami-Dade residents every summer, it's reasonable to be alarmed. There are ways you can enjoy your time outdoors worry-free. Here are some tips to get you started.

Urgent Care Centers in Miami
It's seven o'clock Friday night, and you have a cough that just can't wait until Monday. Short of going to the emergency room, do you have options? Yes, thanks to Miami's wonderful system of urgent care centers.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Miami
Buddy T, About.com's Guide to Alcoholism, offers a listing of AA resources in the Miami area along with links to online meetings for those unable to leave the home. If you need help, this is a great starting point.

Spa Getaways
Miami is home to world-class spas offering massage, skin care, fitness services and fine cuisine. In this article, Julie Register, About.com Guide to Spas takes a look at the region's best getaways.

Immunization Program
The Dade County Special Immunization Program offers free and discounted vaccinations to disadvantaged adults, children and infants at various locations throughout Dade County.

Quit Smoking in Miami
The desire to quit smoking is no longer a matter of willpower and abstinence. Miami residents can find help in traditional and non-medical procedures. Leave it to modern-day science and innovative clinical techniques to come to the rescue!

AIDS Testing in Miami
Are you concerned that you might have contracted an STD? You might be surprised at just how common HIV/AIDS is in Miami. If there is a chance you may have been infected, how can you get tested, what is the testing process like, is there a way to be tested anonymously, and how fast can you get your results?

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