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Miami's Largest Employers

Finding a Job in South Florida


Looking for a job in South Florida can be a daunting task.  If you're currently unemployed, underemployed, or just looking for a fresh start, this list of the largest employers in our region can help you get started.  It includes direct links to their employment listings, allowing you to bypass the job websites and put your resume directly in the hands of the hiring manager.

1. Miami Dade County Public Schools

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The Miami Dade County Public School system is the area's largest employer, offering positions to over 50,000 local residents and they hire much more than just teachers.  In addition to the instructional positions you might expect, the school system employs a large number of administrators, technologists and service staff.  All positions are posted on the Miami Dade Schools Job Site, accessible through the Apply Now link below.

2. Miami Dade County Government


Our county government is our second largest employer, offering positions to 32,000 individuals.  County jobs range from transportation and communications to the administrative positions that keep our government functioning on a daily basis.  To view current openings, visit the Miami Dade Jobs site using the Apply Now link below.

3. United States Federal Government

National Park Service

The federal government is our region's third largest employer and offers positions ranging from military support to national park rangers and healthcare professionals.  All federal jobs are listed on the USA Jobs website and the Apply Now link below will take you directly to a listing of open positions in South Florida.

4. Florida State Government


If you haven't gotten a sense of the theme already, government jobs are big in South Florida!  The Florida State government rounds out the top four, which consists entirely of public sector employers.  The state government offers numerous position in our region, including scientific, public safety and healthcare posts.  You can see a listing of currently available positions at the Apply Now link below.

5. Publix Supermarkets

Publix Supermarkets

The Publix supermarket chain is the largest private sector employer in our region.  With stores located throughout South Florida, Publix has a wide variety of positions and employs over 11,000 people.  Positions available include store management, store staff, pharmacy positions and administrative/logistics staff for their back-of-house operations.  Apply now using the link below.

6. Baptist Health South Florida

Baptist Hospital

Running the region's largest healthcare system is very similiar to running a small city!  Careers at Baptist Health Systems include the healthcare fields you'd expect, along with maintenance, food service, technology and related fields required to keep their hospitals and clinics running.  For a list of current positions, click the Apply Now link below.

7. Jackson Health System

Jackson Health System

Just behind Baptist Health in size, the Jackson Health System also ranks among the top employers in Miami.  Our region's public hospital has locations throughout the county and employs a wide variety of staff to keep them serving our community.  Follow the Apply Now link below for a list of current openings.

8. University of Miami


As with our local hospitals, the University of Miami runs a city within our city.  With their main campus in Coral Gables and healthcare locations throughout the region, the University of Miami hires a large number of local residents to keep the teaching and research mission running.  View a list of current positions at the Apply Now link below.

9. American Airlines


American Airlines operates an international hub in Miami, requiring a large amount of staff support.  Employees in the region operate the airline's facilities at Miami International Airport and also provide marketing and administrative support throughout the region.  Visit the Apply Now link below to see a listing of available positions.

10. Alorica


Alorica (formerly Precision Response Corporation) operates a series of call centers in South Florida.  The sheer volume of call center operators they employ pushes them into the top ten employers list.  Most of the positions available at Alorica are entry-level, but management and technical positions are also often posted at the Apply Now link below.

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