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Recycling Your Christmas Tree


Recycling Your Christmas Tree
Jay Gooby

Looking for a way to dispose of your Christmas tree in an environmentally-friendly fashion for free? Miami Dade's Department of Solid Waste Management offers the ideal solution - turn your Christmas tree into garden mulch!

Curbside Pickup

If you receive regular curbside pickup from DSWM, simply remove tinsel and decorations from your tree and place it next to your regular trash can. The garbage collectors will pick up trees left curbside on January 7th. The collectors will take it to the recycling center and chip it for mulch.

Drop-off Service

If you're a resident of Miami-Dade County, you may also drop off your clean tree at one of the following locations:
  • 19901 NW 7th Avenue
  • 21500 NW 47th Avenue
  • 1830 NW 79th Street
  • 140 NW 160th Street
  • 7870 NW 178th Street
  • 24000 SW 97th Avenue
  • 2200 SW 117th Avenue
  • 13600 SW 117th Avenue
  • 8000 SW 107th Avenue
  • 16651 SW 107th Avenue
  • 20800 SW 117th Court
  • 12970 SW 268th Street
  • 14050 Boggs Drive
Trees will be accepted at these locations between December 27th and January 7th.

Free Garden Chips

You can also reap the harvest by picking up free tree chips for use in your garden. Chips will be available beginning in late January while supplies last. You can pick up chips at:
  • 8000 SW 107th Avenue
  • 21500 NW 47th Avenue
  • 9401 SW 184th Street
  • 1830 NW 79th Street
  • 12970 SW 268th Street
  • 16651 SW 107th Avenue
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