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Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado


Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado
City of Miami
Tomas Regalado is the 33rd and current mayor of Miami, Florida. Since assuming the mayor's office in February 11, 2009, Mayor Regalado has focused his political career on growing Miami's cultural reputation. He's also made commitments to fiscal responsibility during one of the shakiest economic moment's in Florida's history.

Regalado's Early Life

Tomas Regalado was born in Havana, Cuba on May 24, 1947. Regalado's father was a political activist and a highly influential figure in Cuban society, having served as the last president of the Cuban Association of Journalists and Reporters. However, he was imprisoned for 22 years for his activism, serving as a lifelong reminder to Regalado of the sacrifices involved in the media world, especially under communist Cuba's government.

Regalado remained in Cuba until he was 14, when he and his brother Marcos were sent to the United States with Operation Peter Pan, a government operation that allowed anti-revolutionary Cuban parents to send their children to America. Once settled in Miami, Regalado worked to support his mother and brother, and spent his free time taking journalism classes and volunteering as an intern at a local Spanish radio station, WFAB.

Regalado's Early Career

He continued to work in Spanish radio and even met his wife, Raquel Ferreiro, at WFAB. The two married in 1972 in Coconut Grove, and were married for almost four decades before Raquel's death in February 2008. Regalado quickly rose up the ranks at WFAB, and accepted an on-air position at WCKT television (now WSVN) at the age of 21.

After serving in several other television and radio positions, Regalado's career eventually led him to become the first Cuban American member of the White House Press Corps, where he had the opportunity to interview several Presidents of the United States. Regalado was also tapped to speak at the United Nations several times about human rights violations in Cuba.

Moving Into Politics

After his auspicious career in journalism, Regalado turned his attention to politics. He successfully ran for Miami City Commissioner in 1996 and was reelected three times to that office before stepping down to serve as Miami's Mayor.

Regalado was elected mayor of Miami on the Republican ticket in November 2009, succeeding Manny Diaz. He currently serves in that office. Regalado lives in Little Havana with his youngest son, Jose, who is attending school at Florida International University.

Contact Mayor Tomas Regalado

If you would like to contact Mayor Tomas Regalado, you can write to him at:

Mayor Tomas Regalado
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, FL 33133

You can also call the office at (305) 250-4001, or email him at tregalado@miamigov.com. For more information on Regalado or the City of MIami, visit the Mayor's Office website.
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