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Federal Poverty Guidelines


In order to qualify for certain government services in Florida, your income must meet requirements based upon the federal poverty guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The 2011 federal poverty guidelines are:
  • For a one-person family: $10,890
  • For a two-person family: $14,710
  • For a three-person family: $18,530
  • For a four-person family: $22,350
  • For a five-person family: $26,170
  • For a six-person family: $29,990
  • For a seven-person family: $33,810
  • For a eight-person family: $37,630
  • For each additional person, add $3,820
For more information, see the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Benefits for Low Income Families

Low income families may wish to investigate their eligibility for three government programs: food stamps, unemployment benefits and Medicaid coverage.
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