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Miami has a cuisine that is uniquely its own. With the diversity of its people comes a blend of flavors- latin, carribean and US- known as floribean. Miami also has outstanding restaurants of every kind, from Italian to Thai. This collection of resources provides reviews of restaurants and cookbooks as well as recipes.
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Most Romantic Restaurants in Miami
Miami's full of romantic restaurants that offer great opportunities for taking your sweetie out for a fine meal. Whether it's your first date or your twentieth Valentine's Day together, you're certain to find a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere that suits your taste. This article takes a look at a few of my favorite romantic restaurants in...

Make the Perfect Mojito
Nothing says Miami like an ice-cold mojito! Learn how to make the perfect mojito for the beach or backyard this summer.

Top Miami Bars and Nightclubs
Miami's known around the world for our lively nightlife. From the crowded bars on South Beach that draw the "who's who" of the fashion world to award-winning microbreweries, you have plenty of choices if you're looking for a unique place to get a drink.

Miami Cooking Classes
Whether you’re an experienced chef, kitchen gourmet or novice cook, you can always benefit from improving your cooking skills. Miami’s culinary academies and specialty programs offer a wide range of cooking education opportunities for aspiring gourmands.

Medianoche Sandwich Recipe
Media Noche (midnight) sandwiches are a Cuban delicacy that you can make at home. Traditionally eaten at night, they're a tasty treat!

Cuban Sandwich Recipe
Cuban sandwiches are a South Florida mainstay! They're also quite easy to make at home. Follow our recipe as we assemble a tasty Cuban delicacy.

2006 Miami Spice Restaurant Month
The annual Miami Spice restaurant month sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau offers fabulous deals during the month of August. Enjoy fixed-price lunches for $20.04 and dinners for $30.04 at some of the area's finest restaurants!

International Mango Festival
On July 8th and 9th, Fairchild Tropical Gardens will host the 2006 International Mango Festival. This annual event features mango tree sales, educational lectures, a children's program, a mango cook-off and more exciting events using mangos from the Fairchild collection.

Tropical Mango Relish
I can think of no single ingredient that carries the taste of Miami quite like the mango. Adding this fruit to any dish gives it a uniquely 'floribbean' taste. Why not add a touch of Miami to your Thanksgiving table? Here is a recipe from my own table for Mango Relish, perfect as a side dish or a condiment for your turkey. Try it as a sandwich spread for left-over turkey sandwiches. Happy cooking!

South Beach Wine and Food Festival
The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is an epicurean delight that visits our fair city annually in February. This year's festival has a number of events planned that are guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

If you’ve passed by one of the many arepa carts in downtown Miami and wondered what they’re peddling, you’ve been missing out on a delicious Latin treat -- the arepa. Did you know that this street version of the delicacy is just the tip of an iceberg? The arepa, widely known in Latin America, is as versatile as the omelet is to Americans or...

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