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Top 5 Top Grilling Cookbooks


In Miami, it's always grill season! Grilling year-round means that recipes tend to get old fast. If this sounds like you, spice things up by adding some new recipes to your repertoire. Here are some books to help you get started. If you don't grill that often and are intimidated by the black beast on your patio, some of these books will answer your questions and put you at ease.

1. How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbeque Techniques

Steven Raichlen
The author of Miami Spice brings us this favorite grill book. It seems primarily geared toward charcoal grilling, but offers advice on adapting recipes for gas grilling. There are pictures of each step of every mouth-watering recipe and covers every conceivable cut of meat and seafood. If you're only getting one grill book, this is the place to go!
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2. The Gas Grill Gourmet

Harvard Common Press
Unlike How To Grill, this book focuses on the gas grill and how to maximize the grilled flavor without charcoal. The recipes are traditional and use readily available ingredients. Simple is the key word in this book, which offers no complicated, time-consuming recipes, and sometimes, simple brings out the essence of the food. This book os a must-have for novice gas grillers.
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3. Marinades: The Secrets of Great Grilling

Morrow Cookbooks
Marinades and dry rubs may well be the key to great grilling. If you've gotten the grilling techique down but seem to lack a certain kick, this book will show you the way to flavor. It contains many recipes for great marinades, rubs, pastes, mops and more, as well as the basics of designing your own signature flavor of each.
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4. Gas Grill Cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens
I like this one because every recipe was tested for simplicity and taste in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen (or test patio, in this case!) It's spiral bound, making it easier to keep open and refer to while cooking. It contains over 100 gas grill recipes, many with pictures. You can also make mostof the recipes indoors with slight adaptations, which makes it an all-around good buy.
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5. Beer-Can Chicken and 74 Other Off-Beat Recipes for the Grill

Steven Raichlen
Alright, so you think you're the grilling meastro and don't need the extra help. This book will show you the fun side of grilling with the title recipe (which involves standing the bird up on a beer can while grilling) as well as Dirty Steaks (cooked right on the coals), among many others. Also included are side dishes and desserts. Bring the inspiration back to your grill!
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