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Top Miami Museums

Explore Miami's Best Museums


Miami's museum scene offers a diverse variety of cultural and scientific experiences for both children and adults. Spending a day at the museum is a great way to enjoy yourself on one of those Miami days when it's either too hot or too wet to be outside!

1. Miami Art Museum

Greater Miami Convention and Visitors' Bureau
The Miami Art Museum is located in the Miami Cultural Center downtown on Flagler Street. MAM's collections focus on international art of the western hemisphere from the 1940s through the present.

2. Miami Children's Museum

Dana Bowden
Miami Children’s Museum offers children the opportunity to explore their imaginations through educational play. My three children have been to the museum many times and look forward to each return visit!

3. Miami Science Museum

Miami Science Museum
Miami Science Museum offers visitors an entertaining, educational experience. It's a great place to visit, whether you're on vacation, a school field trip or a weekend family outing.

4. Wolfsonian Art Museum

Greater Miami Convention and Visitors' Bureau
The Wolfsonian Art Museum, sponsored by Florida International University, is located at 1001 Washington Avenue on Miami Beach. Its collection features art pieces from the modern era of 1885-1945.

5. Bass Museum of Art

Bass Museum of Art
Haitian voudou art, vast swaths of religious-themed tapestries and Renaissance masters await visitors at the Bass Museum of Art. This small yet unique museum is one of Miami Beach’s cultural jewels.

6. Gold Coast Railroad Museum

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is conveniently located on the grounds of Miami MetroZoo. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the history of railroads and their contributions to our nation.
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