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Downtown Miami Waterfront Walking Tour

Part 2: Amphitheater


Walk under the large sign for Bayfront Park and continue straight ahead. In front of you looms the AT&T Amphitheater. Since its opening in 1999, this outdoor theater has been the site of many entertainment and cultural events, including alternative, jazz and reggae festivals as well as ballet and comedy events. Check out the VenueGuide to see what's going on during your visit.

On any given day, the lawn of the amphitheater is home to sunbathers and picnickers looking for a few moments of quiet and solitude. Although the view of the water is obstructed, the smell of the salt air is unmistakably present, as are the sounds of passing ships.

One of the most interesting events the amphitheater hosts is the All Saints Day Festival. The Voodoo religion breathes a life of its own as the city's large Haitian community gathers to celebrate its departed. Entertainers and Voodoo priests fly in from Haiti to commemorate this sacred holiday. This is truly a unique experience each October!

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