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Miami-Dade's Top Schools


There has been a lot of debate over the FCAT testing, but the fact remains that it is still a good way to compare one school against another.  While it may not be possible to choose a "best" all-around school for every child, nor may it be feasible to send your child there if you do find a good fit, it's still worth the research to determine which public schools are in the top tier in Florida.  Florida Monthly magazine has done some of this work for you and published their results.  This list of the top schools in Florida lists all schools that scored an 'A' from the state for their FCAT scores and ranked them by student to teacher ratio.  Six of the 52 schools are located in Miami-Dade and are here for your consideration.

Design & Architecture Senior High School (DASH)
State Ranking: 3
Student/Teacher Ratio:  11.83
DASH offers specialized training in design and architecture through five 'strands', or areas of study:  Architecture, Industrial Design, Communications Design, Fashion Design and Entertainment Technology.  Students are given college credits by local colleges for classes in design.  Advanced Placement and ESOL courses are available.  Eligible seniors have the opportunity to work hands-on in design through an internship program.  DASH received an 'A' last year as well.

Maritime and Science Technology (MAST)
State Ranking:  5
Student/Teacher Ratio:  14.47
MAST offers a truly unique magnet program focusing on maritime studies and culture, oceanic & atmospheric science technology, and maritime-related industries.  It also boasts an aquatic physical education program, Florida Virtual High School online program, and a Coast Guard JROTC.  What better place than Miami to study the maritime sciences?   Extracurricular clubs include everything from Future Business Leaders of America to Underwater Robotics to a performing Salsa Club.  MAST also received an 'A' grade last year.

New World School of the Arts
State Ranking:  6
Student/Teacher Ratio:  14.94
As a magnet school for dance, music, theater and visual arts, New World School of the Arts has been recognized as a US Dept of Education Blue Ribbon School, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, was awarded the Magnet Schools of America Merit Award in 1997 and 2001, and was listed in Redbook Magazine's "America's Best Schools".  It is located adjacent to the MDCC Wolfson Campus and has a close relationship with the community.  New World received an 'A' last year.

Miami Palmetto Senior High School
State Ranking:  46
Student/Teacher Ratio:  22.37
MPSH is the only Miami-Dade school on the list without a magnet program- it does well on the strength of its academics and programs offered.  Aside from the advanced placement and dual enrollment programs offered, MPSH also has programs for exceptional, severely emotionally disabled and emotionally mentally handicapped students.  With a student body of 3,400, it is located on 23 acres in Pinecrest, Florida.  MPSH received an 'A' last year.

Coral Reef Senior High School
State Ranking:  47
Student/Teacher Ratio:  22.5
A hugely diverse academic program defines this magnet school:  Legal & Public Affairs, Agriscience & Engineering, IB & International Studies, Leisure Medicine, Business & Finance, and Visual & Performing Arts.  You name it, and this school has a great program for it!  The clubs and activities are just as diverse; you can find your niche here relatively easily, and if you don't know where you belong, there's plenty to try.  CRSH received a grade of 'B' last year.

Dr. Michael M. Krop High School
State Ranking:  50
Student/Teacher Ratio:  23.73
MKHS is remarkable in that it rose from a grade of 'C' last year to an 'A' this year.  This indicates an amazing improvement in the standardized test scores.  It has a magnet program for the performing and fine arts.  Focusing on dance, theater, music and the visual arts, its location in North Dade puts it in close proximity to many production studios that offer access to their resources.  MKHS is also well-known for their special education programs, including a self-contained emotionally handicapped program and an autistic program.

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